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Hi, I’m Danielle, An Ordinary Mummy. Following the birth of my Identical MoMo (Mono-chronic Mono-amniotic) Twin boys at 31+2 I became passionate about raising awareness for premature birth and maternal mental health. This passion drove me to start sharing my experiences and three years on I am even more driven to support fellow preemie and multiple parents through sharing my own experiences.

My passion for supporting women through the highs and lows of multiple and preemie parenting has meant that what began as a blog has expanded into events, clothing and even a petition. Motherhood For Change, my clothing brand aimed at multiple and preemie mommas and their little ones is set to launch on Monday 15th October and as well as being a way to express solidarity and shared experiences the brand will also support both the BLISS and TAMBA charities with 10% of all sales being donated to help them continue their vital work.

Preemie Power is an event idea which will be launched this World Prematurity Day, Saturday 17th November at the Cosy Club in Birmingham. The idea is for women to unite, support, empower and celebrate each others journey’s through premature birth and life after NICU. Once again the event is also a way to help support BLISS and the work they do with £10 of every ticket sale going straight to the charity.

Through sharing my own experiences of premature birth, maternal mental health and PTSD I was compelled to launch a petition to try and help put in place measures to diagnose PTSD in parents who have spent time in NICU with their children at an early stage. PTSD cannot be diagnose until six months after a traumatic situation has occurred by which time most parents are no longer under the care of health visitors, my petition proposes adding the short PTSD diagnostic questionnaire to a babies six and twelve month development check ups. By making this questionnaire standard practice for parents who have been in NICU we could help stop so many families falling through the cracks and suffering in silence with the effects of PTSD long into the future.

Alongside being a passionate campaigner I am also an ordinary mummy to three young sons and so I enjoy sharing a wide range of topics on my blog and across social media including, craft ideas and activities, days out, holidays, fashion and home decor. As well as writing An Ordinary Mummy, organising Preemie Power and launching Motherhood For Change I also work full time so life is always pretty full on but that’s just how I like it.

Over the past three years I have had my work shared in many online and print publications including, The Huffington post, Scary Mommy, Selfish Mother, BLISS, CBeebies, Good To Know, The Fourth Trimester Magazine, TAMBA, local press and many more. If you would like to know more or if you would be interested in working with me, please contact me on the form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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