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Dressing Room Design

A spare room, it often becomes a dumping ground doesn’t it. A room full of things which have no place, the wash basket, the ironing basket and everything in between. That is exactly what our spare bedroom has been for the last three years and it has driven me up the wall every time I walk past it for the entire three years. What did I do about it? One Saturday I transformed it, all it took was a few hours of focus, a massive de-clutter and a few select decor pieces and it’s now a blush pink dressing room dream.

I reused several pieces from around the house including the side tables which have become a focal point of the room. The small white dressing table was a recent purchase for just £30 from B&M Bargains and it had been squashed into our small master bedroom. Both sets of drawers are from IKEA and they were already located in the spare room.

The new decor pieces I focused on, to bring a coherent pallet and styling to the new dressing room, were the curtains, rug, arm chair, light fitting and canvases. By adding those few key pieces I was able to create a sumptuous and opulent feel for the room, making it a welcoming space for me to escape to, a calm space in my loud house of boys.

I wanted to create space to showcase some of my favourite shoes and handbags and as well as my collection of perfumes. All of these items had previously been hidden away in my wardrobe and making them a feature of the room was something which lead the layout zoning of the new space. I also made space to showcase my treasured Disneyland Paris memories, creating a pin board for the window and adding framed photos of our visits.

I am so pleased with the transformation and even more pleased that I managed to turn it around in just an afternoon. Below you can see the before and after for the spare room transformation.

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