SuperZings, for super imaginations

I don’t know about you, but I find it increasingly difficult to find none screen time related toys and activities which really hold my children’s attention. Don’t get me wrong, the twins happily spend most of their time wrestling under the guise of “playing Avengers”, but imaginary play, play which allows them to create their own world and adventures, that can be tricky.

That was, until they discovered SuperZings around 18 months ago. They were brought their first SuperZing mystery bag containing a character and vehicle by friends who were visiting for dinner, and they have not stopped obsessing over them ever since. Every well-behaved trip to the supermarket would result in the euphoric opening of a new 80p mystery bag, delivering a new character into their collection and a big debate about whether the new addition was better than any of their other characters. On this has gone ever since. Every trip to the supermarket, every birthday or Christmas list, every pocket money treat, SuperZings are the desired purchase.


So in love are my boys with these small unsuspecting collectible figures that we even have to take them with us on holiday and to people’s houses in their own special storage box. Their collection has grown and grown, totaling too many to count with an endless array of vehicles, it is no exaggeration to say they have spent hours upon hours playing with their much loved Superzings collection. Lining them up, organising them and becoming fully absorbed in the complex and rich worlds they create.

Imagine how excited they were to unbox a selection of the latest SuperZings play sets which they were sent by SuperZings themselves. Chief testers of their all-time favourite toys, they were beside themselves, hell even I was beside myself. The actual Kazoom lab, a SuperZing eating monster vehicle and a SuperZing


You can watch videos in my Instagram highlights where I explain a bit more about why both the boys and I love SuperZings, mainly though it’s for the reasons I’ve mentioned. It’s the fact that in a world of juggling real world play and screen time, of worrying about balancing nurturing creativity and imagination with playing games on tablets, SuperZings capture even the most difficult to entertain imaginations. They allow your child to create worlds and games on a miniature scale, to enjoy collecting a series of characters to add to their games and because they are small the worlds they create can be taken anywhere with them.


If you are stuck on what to get your child this Christmas, I really cannot recommend SuperZings enough. The new play sets are wonderful, and they have not been put away since they arrived over a fortnight ago. My living room carpet is peppered with SuperZings every evening following a new adventure and I even find them in my shower, bath and car. You can start off with some of the mystery SuperZing bags for just 80p each or a SuperZing and vehicle set for a couple of pounds. I really don’t think you will regret introducing your kids to the range, I could listen to my two play with there’s for hours, creating new games and stories each time.


You can buy Superzings at or on Amazon and the Entertainer. We pick up the individual bags and smaller sets in our local Salisbury’s too. The larger playsets I have shown in this post were gifted to the boys, the extensive range of Superzings and vehicles have been built up over the last 18 months.

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