Post it note phonics and times tables

I was looking for a fun and engaging way of getting the twins to practise phonics and I decided to use post it notes. Having just started reception class, the boys have begun practising letter sounds and learning how to write them, I was keen to help them practise at home but I didn’t want to make it a chore.

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I brought a pack of 400 multi coloured post it notes from B&M Bargains, they came in our different shapes and I thought the boys would be intrigued. I wrote a letter of the alphabet on each post it note and stuck them to the back of our breakfast bar. The boys pointed to the letters saying the alphabet with me and then we selected the letters to spell out their names. I then used c,a,t to spell out cat for them and I changed the first letter to show that we could easily change the word to mat, sat and bat, just by changing one letter. The boys then played on their own selecting letters and making the sound.


My eldest who is seven had been watching and wanted in on the action, he asked if we could use the post it notes to make him a times table area, “absolutely we can”. What a result, my seven year old was asking to practise his times tables.

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We wrote out the numbers and symbols, he wrote some and I wrote some and then I shouted out different equations for him to create and solve. He absolutely loved it. He played with the post it notes for ages and has asked if we can do it again. I would 100% recommend this activity an will definitely be doing it again soon.

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