Cruising around Disneyland Paris

We all know what it’s like when our kids reach the age that they no longer need a buggy but are too small, and at times too lazy, to walk long distances. It’s a pain. Days out during this stage of childhood usually involve a good dose of moaning about walking, perhaps the odd sit on the floor protest and then the inevitable need to carry a heavy 3, 4, 5 year old.

When we planned our recent trip to Disneyland Paris with our seven year old and four and a half year old twins, we knew the amount of walking would be an issue. The twins haven’t used their buggy in around 18 months and although we knew we needed something for the trip, the slightly knackered, a little mould stained (it had been stored/thrown in the garage and must have got wet) buggy, which was also a bit too small for them now, wasn’t ideal.

We also knew from our previous trip when the boys were two and a half and the buggy (in a much more loved state) was a necessity, that they would get frustrated by the slightly reclined seat position and enclosed sides, all of which would block their view. At four and a half and with an older brother who they idolise, we knew we needed a more grown up solution.

Micro Scooters, very generously gifted us two of their compact Micro Trikes to try out on the trip. From a first look they seemed perfect, lightweight, compact and easy to put up and down, my concern was whether they would be allowed in the parks. As most Disney fans know, they can be pretty strict when it comes to which modes of transport you are allowed in the parks and I knew that scooters were a definite no no. I was also unsure about whether we would be able to take the Micro Trikes to the gate of the plane like you do a buggy. We went for it though as the trikes were so comfortable for the boys and easy to push for us, so easy in fact, our eldest son decided he would push one of his brothers the entire trip.


We flew with EasyJet from Manchester to Paris CDG and the Micro Trikes were treated exactly the same as buggies. We were able to push the boys all around the airport and straight up to the plane door, where the trikes were collapsed and handed over to the airport team. When we arrived at CDG we got them straight back, much to the relief of the twins who were delighted not to have to walk anywhere.

IMG_2321 IMG_2328

Our eldest son pushed twin one all the way through Disney village and around the lake to Newport Bay Club. The trikes are so easy to steer, the complete opposite to the baby trikes many of us will have had when our kids were small. The Micro Trikes simply glided along and with a slight tilt of the hand they turned, quickly and precisely, making the crowds and distance no issue at all. Once at the hotel we had no issues with using the trikes in the corridors and because they are so compact they stored neatly in the corner of our room, taking up way less space than a collapsed buggy would have.

We used the Micro Trikes throughout our stay in both Disney parks and were never questioned about them. They were a complete life saver. One day our eldest son clocked 24,580 steps on his fit bit, there is simply no way the twins could have managed that. The trikes also came in handy when our eldest did tire, usually on the walk back to Newport Bay in the evening, he would jump on the trike and one of us would give one of the twins a shoulder ride. The trikes made the trip so much easier for us and because they are so light to push compared to a buggy, we didn’t feel like we had even been pushing them around all day at all.


I honestly cannot recommend the Micro Trikes enough, not just for big trips like Disney but for day to day use. We will be taking them every time we head out for a long walk or go for a day out. I wish I had known about them 18 months ago when we stopped using the buggy as they would have saved so many tantrums. Well done Micro Scooters for developing such a fab product for toddlers and young children, we love them.

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