The twin bond is strong in these two

The twins relationship seems to be becoming more cuddles than fights on an almost daily basis at the moment. It is magical. 

When you have twins you kind of expect this amazing bond to be there and super strong from the beginning and in lots of ways it is. They are often calmer as babies when they are close and they seem to watch and learn from each other in the most amazing way. But, it isn’t the dreamy cute photos you see shared far and wide of twins cuddling all of the time. 

When these two were small they slept in separate cots until around 14 months because they annoyed each other and they even had separate play mats because they couldn’t happily play and share one. I used to joke that my twins didn’t even like each other, something which seemed to go against everything you expect of twins.

As soon as they could sit they would lash out and hit one another. Crawling brought races for toys and fights and walking even more so. Of course they cuddled and were affectionate to one another but they also had an innate competition and boisterous relationship from the start. Perhaps it’s a boys thing, perhaps not. Perhaps it’s just proof that twins, like all babies are individuals and they don’t act like it says they will on the perfectly packaged social media tin.

Over the years their relationship has swung on an hourly basis between intense love and equally intense hate. Something which although frustrating when playing referee for the hundredth time in a day, I have always said is an inevitability of growing up so closely intertwined with someone else and their unique personality. 

The fiery relationship between twins is, I believe, one of the main challenges as they grow. From arguments to what I can already see will be a competitive nature, all mixed with a desire to be together yet individual makes parenting twins at every stage tricky to say the least.

However, at the ripe old age of 4 years I can honestly say their close bond, affection and dedication to one another becomes stronger and more prominent every day. As they develop a greater understanding of things like sharing, being compassionate, being tolerant and kind, their relationship becomes even more of a magical joy to witness. 

Of course there are still arguments, twin one thumped twin two in the nose yesterday morning over a very serious Lego dispute and the day before twin two bit twin one because he wouldn’t share something or another. There will always be short tempers and frustrations but it is amazing to see that love is outweighing hate and long may it last because it truly is scrummy to watch. 😍

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