Do second children grow up faster?

Do second children grow up faster than your first? 100%!

These two beauties are 4. They are OBSESSED with Marvel. When they aren’t dressing as Thor and Captain America playing Lego Avengers on their big brothers XBox, they are playing Superhero Imaginext, reading superhero books, watching superhero cartoons or drawing superheroes. It doesn’t matter what they are doing or playing they will, make it about superheroes.

Playing on the slide, Loki is chasing Thor. Eating dinner, Thanos is plotting to get the Avengers and they have to eat up fast to get away. Playing with cars, well obvs Magneto and Dr Doom are chasing the Avengers. You get the picture. Their knowledge of the Marvel Universe at just 4 and having watched only the stories recreated by Lego, none of the actual movies, is unreal and in stark (get what I did their 😂) contrast to my eldest son when he was 4.

When he was 4 he still watched CBeebies and loved nothing more than binging on Paw Patrol, Postman Pat or Hey Dugee. He hated dressing up and had only just started to like Spider-Man, discovering him through the other kids at school. He didn’t have an iPad let alone an XBox to play on and he didn’t have a clue who the Avengers were.

Do I think it’s bad that the twins have grown up so much quicker? No, not really. I think it’s an inevitability of life with an older sibling. They idolise their brother and want to do and be everything he is so it’s no wonder they set aside CBeebies around the same time he did and instead favour anything superhero or Lego based.

P.S they love being 4 because they pronounce it Thor 😂

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