The Thing About Twins #2

The thing about twins #2 – They play ‘pass the behaviour’

Anyone have a hellish day with twin one whilst twin two is behaving like an angel child, almost behaving better than ever in an attempt to grab all the praise, only for them to then swap roles the next day? 

It happens in our house ALL the time. It’s almost become a joke between me and my eldest son about which of the twins turn it is to be naughty today. 

It’s a trait of twindom which I notice very early on. One would have a crying day the other baby would be content, the following day they would swap. Now it tends to consist of one having a day full of meltdowns at the slightest thing while the other does exactly what I say and the next morning, roles reversed. 

I don’t understand it. I get the whole one being good while the other is bad thing, it’s a chance for them to enjoy praise and individuality, setting themselves apart from their twin, but the playing tag team on the bad behaviour I do not get.

As much as it’s preferable to having a really crappy day where both of the twins mimic and escalate their bad behaviour, almost in competition or like they are egging each other on (these days happen too trust me), it is still a mega head masher. 

When they get into the rhythm of swapping behaviour, like they secretly discuss it at bed time and decide who will take on which role tomorrow, it seriously seriously tests your patience. Every day for days on end can feel like a battle and you are constantly being torn between praise and punishment.

I often wonder if they do it for fun, or if they watch the other the day before and decide to copy because they feel left out or simply because they are so used to letting the other rub off on them. Whatever the reason the game of ‘swap the behaviour’ is one I really don’t like playing and I wish the twins didn’t either. 

Here’s hoping they grow out of it but I doubt that 😂

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