The Thing About Twins #1

Their bond makes disciplining them or asserting any authority so much harder.

This is the face of a twin mother destroyed for that exact reason.

You know when they go into that ‘there’s no one else in the world, it’s just the two of us’ state of mind, and your head f***ing explodes? Well that was me this morning.


Now I know all kids can do the not listening thing, I do have another one, all my friends have kids, there’s like a whole bunch of kids in my life so trust me I know. But twins seriously seem to take the not listening and total lack of acknowledging even a tiny bit of something resembling their parents authority up like ten notches.

My boys completely zone me out, they don’t care no matter if I shout and scream or threaten to take away everything they own. They don’t respond to the calm approach, counting to a random number, negotiation tactics, silence, time out, THEY DONT CARE.


Because they only care what the other one thinks of a situation.

If twin one were to suddenly listen or to be bothered by my attempts at controlling their wildling behaviour twin two would follow suite, and vice versa. But what happens in reality is they look at me, look at each other, smirk, bloody smirk for god sake, and laugh, LAUGH! Then continue to run around, ignore me and laugh.

I can’t ram my authority or rules or control between that god damn bond no matter how hard I try. As long as they are in unity in their anarchy they couldn’t care less. They don’t even listen to their big brother. They are a solid little unit and only their mutual feelings and their unspoken secretly agreed agenda matters.

Don’t get me wrong it isn’t all the time, hell they are way better than they used to be. No, now what they do is they save that crap all up and unleash it on school mornings just to make it all that bit more intense.

Not all twins are little devils dressed in angels faces I’m sure, but I’m also bloody sure that there is all sorts of twintuition shizzle going on that makes some of them absolutely solid to parent at times.

Highs and lows ladies highs and lows, but if you see the crazy twin escalation stuff too, you’re not alone. We’ve got this, we can survive 😂

One thought on “The Thing About Twins #1

  1. Having had the exact same thing this morning it’s nice to hear it’s not just me!
    Love the blog. Thank you 😍

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