Kids Christmas Gift Guide 2018

As a mum to three young boys I was keen to find items for my 2018 Christmas Gift Guide which weren’t throw away items or all toys. I wanted to create a list with things which could be of use all year through and which had plenty of different options, meaning you could pick designs which really reflect your child’s personality. I have worked with some fantastic brands who have generously gifted me some beautiful items which I think you will love. So if you’re looking for gifts which are a bit different this Christmas please read on.

Zip & Zoe backpacks

Available in Mini (1-4yrs), Midi (3-7yrs) and Junior (5-9yrs) and in a wide range of fun and quirky designs, the Zip & Zoe range of kids backpacks by Babymel make a great gift. Each bag comes with a fun Zip or Zoe keyring and plenty of storage room, they are all really brightly coloured whether you go for plain block colours or illustrated character designs and even better they are all machine washable. For such a stylish, spacious and unique kids backpack the price is also fantastic at just £19.94.

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Tyrrell Katz lunch bags and dining sets

Tyrrell Katz is another brand that I really love because of its diverse range of designs. With everything from monsters, dinosaurs, cars and trains to unicorns, flower fairies, princess and knights there is something for every child’s personality. The range is also vast in terms of the items available from lunch bags and snack boxes to drinks bottles, pencil cases, dining sets and cutlery, Tyrrell Katz can be a one stop shop for all sorts of gifts this Christmas. I opted for a range of items for the boys in the monsters, dinosaurs and trains themes but there is so much more I will definitely be ordering other items.

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House of Disaster Dino lights

I am absolutley obsessed with the House of Disaster brand, they do such a wide range of really beautiful and quirky items for adults, home and kids, I have so many items from them and when I saw their dinosaur lights I knew they had to be on my list. Available in two sizes, the smaller LED version which I have featured at £10.99 and the larger electric light at £34.99 they make perfect nightlights for kids rooms. I have chosen the smaller LED lights which are either battery powered or powered by USB as I know the boys will want the lights as close to their beds as possible and I didn’t want to be struggling for a plug socket. At £10.99 I feel they are really good value as they are great quality and they make a really unique gift. the range also includes cats, rabbits, unicorns, penguins, pineapples and much more.

House of Disaster are very generously offering all my follower 15% off across their entire store right up until the end of December. With so many different items for the whole family I urge you to check out the site and take advantage of the fab discount. Simply enter code VLOGMUMMY15 at the checkout.

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TeeBee Travel Toy Box

I came across TeeBee on Instagram and loved the concept. I don’t know about you but as a busy mum with three kids to ferry around who all HAVE to bring something with them every time we leave the house, stuff always gets lost, tears and tantrums ensue and on it goes. The TeeBee travel toy box is a compact and sturdy carry case with fold out compartments which allows the kids not only storage space but play stations, whether in the car, at the park, at the beach or wherever. The TeeBee is available in blue, orange, green, red, pink, black or white and each comes with stickers to allow your child to personalise their TeeBee box. My boys will definitely be using these for lego and their growing collection of SuperZings but they are also great for colouring supplies, small doll and figures and well, basically anything the kids insist on taking out and about. The TeeBee box is £27.99.

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WowWee Fingerlings Untamed 

OK so one toy has made it into my Christmas gift guide and it had to be the must have toy of 2018 that I have heard about non stop for months, the Fingerlings Raptors Untamed. The Fingerlings Untamed react to sound, motion and touch and make roaring noises but why have my boys been wanting them for months? They fart! Well make “dino gas” sounds which seems to be hilarious. Fingerlings, along with a range of other toys are manufactured by WowWee, check out the website below for more toy ideas from WowWee, the Fingerlings themselves are available from Argos and Amazon both at £14.99.

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Zimpli Kids slime, gelli and snow play

Zimpli kids is THE home of slime, gelli and snow play. I have been thinking about getting the boys some slime as all their friends seem to have it but I didn’t want something which hangs around forever and ends up god only knows where. Then I found Zimpli Kids products. Each product can be turned into slime, gelli or snow simply by mixing it with water, it is ideal for messy play in bowls or sinks which allows the kids to play but doesn’t leave the house covered in mess or a sticky ball of fluff covered slime hanging around for weeks. Zimpli Kids kindly sent me a selection of their Slime, Gelli and SnowBall sets for the boys to enjoy but they also do ‘Baff’ versions so the kids can immerse themselves in the stuff. There’s glitter and rainbow options as well as play sets. Many of the products are available on Amazon and the pack sizes I have been sent start at £2.90.

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Print My Smile personalised notebooks

Print My Smile make personalised gifts including notebooks, chocolates, photo prints, cards, mugs etc. and from certain items a percentage of the sale is donated to BLISS, the charity for babies born prematurely or sick. There are in fact many items for preemie parents and babies including appropriate cards for marking the babies arrival, chocolates and photographic items. I have opted for three fun personalised notebooks for the boys as the eldest in particular has reached an age where he loved to draw and write. The notebooks are £8.00 each and there is a super wide range of designs available.

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Thank you for reading my 2018 Christmas Gift Guide, I hope you’ve found it useful. If you’d like to see and hear more about the products featured please check out my vlog across on my YouTube channel.

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