Twins – it isn’t hard forever

Twins it isnt hard forever

It isn’t hard forever.

It’s different.

Funny how what seemed like the hardest days can suddenly be filled with nostalgia and longing.

The days when you couldn’t keep your eyes open from nights spent wide awake feeding, burping, feeding burping, comforting, changing, staring, worrying and loving. The days when you didn’t leave the house because logistically it just never seemed worth the effort or the stress. The days when you worried about development and growth. The days when you were scared of the cold months and germs because they meant chest infections and hospital stays. The days when having twins often made you feel a little isolated or like none quite understood because they didn’t have multiples themselves.

They were really hard days but you got through them and somehow, little by little it got easier. The child locks came off, the stair gates disappeared, the bottles were replaced with cups, the pram vanished to the back of the garage and the nappies were replaced with pants. Each step feels like it will never happen then suddenly you can’t remember when everything changed and when your babies became preschoolers.

It doesn’t all get easier but it changes massively, there’s always challenges, there’s always bits that drive you round the bend but don’t let anyone tell you it gets harder. It gets different.

They get attitudes, they get independent, they gang up on you, they become totally normal preschoolers just double the chaos and double the joy. But your the bad ass multiple mum who survived. You survived the baby days, you survived the no sleep, you survived the developmental delays and frustrations, you survived toddlers running rings around you. YOU’VE GOT THIS.

So as hard as it feels at times remember it isn’t hard forever and it’s never as hard as it once was despite your rose tinted nostalgic glasses telling you otherwise. Before you know it you too will be the annoying woman telling people the very thing that drove you crazy “try to treasure it because it goes so fast.”


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