You are not failing

You are not failing

Does anyone else often feel like a complete failure as a mother because their kids seriously do their head in at times?

Why is it that parenting gives you this overwhelming unconditional often euphoric love, a love that means you would die to protect them, yet it also makes you want to run away and hide sometimes, overwhelmed by the chaos and stress of raising people who don’t listen to a single thing you say and sometimes act like they simply don’t give a shit about you or your opinion.

Why does it have to be so complex? Why can’t the good bits, the bits that make you want to scream from the rooftops how amazing your children are, the bits which make you feel totally complete and like those moments are the entire reason for your existence, those pure perfect beautiful moments, why can’t they be all of parenting?

It’s the bits where you are constantly on the edge of shouting, where you feel beaten down by being ignored, the bits where you can’t stand the ear splitting dinosaur noises or screams from arguments for another second, the bits where you feel like you may as well talk to a wall because despite giving an instruction 20 times no ones listening, no one cares.

It’s those bits which make parenting hard as f**k and although we all know you can’t have everything all perfect and smelling of roses all of the time the days or weeks when the difficult bits build up and we find it hard to cope still make us feel like we’ve somehow failed.

We think as parents we should be impermeable to the stress, we should shrug it off and only ever think of the blissful bits but we are all human, it just can’t work that way.

The only way to stop feeling like it’s just us, like we’re doing something wrong or missing a trick to ignore the difficult bits is to be bloody honest with each other. WE ALL FIND IT HARD SOMETIMES!

No one and I mean no one is living the blissful bits 24/7. Yes some kids are harder work (definitely Including my twins in that) but EVERYONE finds it stressful sometimes, everyone feels overwhelmed from time to time. It is not just you.

If we all start to be totally bloody honest about it, to say “god they’ve done my head in this morning” instead of feeling the need to put on a front and pretend then, only then will we stop beating ourselves.

You are not failing, you are not a shit parent, you are a totally normal human who loves their children as much as the next totally normal human. Xxx

3 thoughts on “You are not failing

  1. I love this! It’s so easy to feel guilty and like a bad parent when our kids do our head in isn’t it but kids are little shits they are meant to do our head in 😂

  2. Thank you! I keep telling people that we do eachother a disservice by not talking about how bloody hard it can be at times! Particularly its important to share this with new mums and parents who can feel like total failures for having these feelings until someone else starts sharing how bad it was for them too etc. It’s as amazing as it is as hard

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