Trust your maternal instincts

Trust you instincts. 

In the last three years my mother’s instinct has saved the life of twin one and on multiple occasions it has ensured that all three of my boys got the medical intervention they needed before things went seriously down hill. 

I’m pretty certain that our doctors thought I was neurotic, worrying at signs other parents may ignore but unfortunately time and time again I was right to be concerned. 

Never doubt your instincts.

That inner voice telling you that there is something not quite right, that something seems wrong or of concern, that is your connection to your child, your child’s voice inside you telling you what they cannot vocalise. 

You carried your baby, they grew from you, you’ve spent everyday since you brought them into this world caring for them, learning about them, intensely studying their every detail and personality trait. No-one knows your child like you do. 

Listen to your instincts, act on them, be your child’s voice. Be their advocate. Never apologise for it or shy away from being the strong, consistent voice which fights for their well being and best care. 

Even when there may have been nothing wrong on previous occasions, even if you’re made to feel like you’re worrying about nothing, never stop listening to that inner voice. Never stop being your child’s voice. 

No concern is too small, no gut feeling should be ignored. This is your child, your baby, you know best, never be made to feel otherwise.

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