A preemie’s arrival 

A preemies arrival

Fear. Bright lights blinding as you lie helpless, the room full, the weight of the moment crushing. “We’ve started.”

You dare not breath, your body motionless, your mind frantic.

Every fibre pleading, begging, hoping, willing “let my baby live.”
A surge of activity, pressure through the numbness and then,

Heavy, overwhelming, deafening silence.
Hope twists and fades, panic seeps in.

Time ceases, terror pulses, instincts to reach out oppressed by lifeless limbs.
You stare, unable to see through the frenzied crowd.

No sound, no cry, just a glimpse of a still grey arm, small and fragile, precious and needed.
Your longing pierces the air “my baby, my baby.”

Hollow and crumbling, you feel your heart begin to break, your soul screams out, sadness consumes you.

Then, through the lost lonely emptiness, an almost silent cry.
Relief floods your body, love bursts from your eyes, tender delicate hope returns.

The frenzy calms, a fleeting glance, a heaving chest, a sea of equipment,

Your baby, your tiny beautiful baby.
Your heart rushes past you, heavy doors bang shut, silence returns.

Helpless, the room full, the weight of the moment crushing,

But hope remains, love possesses, the journey begins.

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