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preemie milestone cards.2When you are living through having a baby in NICU you feel completely alienated from the norms of becoming a mother, you can’t pop to the shops to proudly buy your baby their first outfit because your baby is lying naked in an incubator under UV lights, you can’t enjoying showing your newborn off to family and friends because no-one can visit and your baby isn’t showered with gifts and compliments about how beautiful they are because people don’t know what to say or do for the best. The whole experience is so far removed from ‘normal’ that as you leave the hospital night after night empty handed and the days become weeks you start to wonder if you really became a mother at all.

I remember trying my hardest to celebrate the small achievements our twins had during neonatal from coming off oxygen to having their temperature on their incubators reduced and moving to alternate tube and bottle feeds but there was no real way to document these moments clearly and I look back now at photographs and some scribbled notes and the entire experience is a complete blur. I regret so much not documenting things more, I didn’t take any video footage of the boys and I didn’t write down enough to help make sense of the roller coaster afterwards and as time passed and my tiny miracles became boisterous toddlers I wished I had a way to clearly see and give a timeline to their journey.

There is nothing which will take away the pain and fear of living through neonatal or make you any less numb to what is happening but when I recently came across Premmie Milestone Cards from Australia I wished so hard I had seen them when my boys were in NICU. For me as well as being a chance to do something ‘normal’ with your baby in those early weeks they actually represent way more, a chance to document the things which mattered, the things which pulled you through from one day to the next and which helped you dare to dream of making it out of the hospital with your baby.

These cards are prompts to capture the moments which at the time you are struggling to see the significance off, the moments that you feel are squashed by the enormity of the overall journey which lies ahead of you. They represent the belief, the pain, the perseverance and the longing which go into every second of every long day in neonatal and they are the chance to feel included in the normal desire of a new mother to document and celebrate their newborn baby.

These cards spoke to me the moment I saw them and they actually brought tears to my eyes because I know how much they would have meant to me not just at the time my boys were in hospital but afterwards as I was trying to look back on what had happened. That is why I contacted Kirsty Munroe, the superstar from Australia and fellow preemie mummy who developed these perfect preemie milestone cards to ask if I could share them with you all on An Ordinary Mummy and I was so delighted when she actually sent me a pack to have a look at. preemie milestone cards.5The cards themselves lived up to every bit of my expectations, they are beautiful and such good quality. With 36 cards, Kirsty really has thought of everything, from a ‘No more CPAP’ card to a ‘Goodbye feeding tube’ and ‘I’ve put on weight’ cards, packaged in a lovely box  they would make the ideal gift for anyone with a baby in Neonatal or even better as a treat for yourself, trust me you deserve it! I would have brought these in an instant had they of been available when my boys were born and so I am determined to help Kirsty spread the word of her cards here in the UK.

The cards currently aren’t available in UK stores but you can order them online here and they work out to be around £15 plus postage. However, if you fancy winning the pack of beautiful cards that Kirsty sent to me then all you need to do is like An Ordinary Mummy on Facebook, share the Facebook post and comment on the post what you like about the cards. Let’s spread the word so other preemie mum’s can have the chance to document their babies milestones.

Kirsty I think you are a amazing for developing these cards for preemie mum’s and I can’t wait to see what you bring out next! You can follow Premmie Milestone Cards on Facebook to. preemie milestone cards.4

preemie milestone cards.3

p.s. I haven’t really written a ‘review’ before on the blog and I just wanted to make sure you all knew that I wasn’t being paid to write this or anything like that, I just really love these cards! I genuinely think every preemie mum should have these so she can document her babies journey, I hope you all love them as much as I do xxx

preemie milestone cards

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