Folly Farm Adventure Park & Zoo -review

Whilst on holiday last year at Haven, Kiln Park near Tenby we visited Folly Farm, we had heard good things and it looked like a nice place to spend a few hours so we gave it a go. When we arrived our first impression was that it looked smaller than we had thought and that we may not be there for very long. How wrong were we!

We first went into the farm yard area which has been set out really well, there are all the essential animals like pigs, goats, horses and chickens and the whole area is really well styled. There were brand new baby chicks for the kids to see and you could milk a pretend cow. There was also a play area in the middle of the barn, large chalk wall which the kids could draw on and characters walking  around and having pictures with the children.

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Right there and then we were blown away and this was only the beginning, Folly Farm is the day out that just does not stop giving you more.

  • Barn & Farm
  • Vintage Funfair
  • Zoo
  • Outdoor play areas
  • Indoor play area and soft play
  • Land train
  • Woodland
  • Activities in Folly Interactive

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After the barn we headed over to the the Folly Interactive building which as well as having exotic birds and animals also featured lots of interactive activities including looking for fossils, following clues to get stamps in your activity booklet, tracing animals and doing rubbings of rocks and feathers. Our four year old loved this building and all of the activities on offer.

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Believe it or not it was already time for lunch after just visiting these two areas so we headed over to one of the spacious outdoor play and picnic areas to have our picnic. We were fortunate that it was a sunny day so we were able to enjoy a home made picnic but had it of been raining there was plenty of food on offer in the indoor play area and funfair.

After lunch our four year old played on the outdoor playgrounds whilst the twins napped. The play areas were quite frankly out of this world and would have been an attraction worth visiting in there own right. There was a large play area close to the Folly Interactive building which also featured sit on diggers in a sand pit area. Next to this was a giant big wheel which I took my eldest on, it was an extra cost but just two tokens per person and each token is 50p. It was well worth the extra so we could take in the views. Next to the big wheel is a tractor race track which the kids loved.

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The play area that our eldest enjoyed the most featured two giant pirate ships and a fort, it was fantastic and we had to drag him away from it.

folly farm 8.jpg  folly farm 10.jpg

folly-farm-9  folly farm 11.jpg

There was so much still to see so we prioritised the zoo next as we had already decided that we would be making a return trip later in the week to do the Vintage Funfair on a day that had forecast rain. The zoo was great and covered off some of the must see animals like Giraffes, Lions and Penguins. Everything at Folly Farm is so spacious, you really do benefit from the 120 acres of space that the farm is set in as you never feel on top of other people.

folly farm 16.jpg

On our return visit, which was provided at a discounted rate as we were returning within a set time frame, we spent most of our time in the Vintage Funfair which was huge! There was every kind of ride imaginable and we were blown away with the sheer scale of the barns which housed the fair and indoor play area.

Our boys are only young but there were still several rides they could go on. There was also a vintage arcade machine area, large organ which played music at set times, a hall of mirrors, vintage sweets and candy floss stall and much more. Ride tokens were just 50p per token and the majority of rides cost 1-2 tokens per person.

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The indoor play area was also very impressive with a large wooden play structure and then a soft play corner with a baby section and separate soft play for older children. Around the play area there was also a food kiosk and restaurant area. There was ample seating and plenty of high chairs and the toilets were close by. We spent at least two hours in this area whilst the kids played and we hid from the wet summer weather.

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folly farm 20.jpg

Once the rain had stopped we managed to visit the go kart track and sand pits which in hindsight was a bad move after the rain! We also had another go round on the big wheel before the rain set in again and it was time to leave.

folly farm 15.jpg  folly farm 18.jpg

We loved every minute of both of our visits to Folly Farm and we re booked our caravan at Kiln Park for this year before our holiday was even over, this was largely down to how much fun we had at Folly Farm. With so much to see and do and entertainment for all weather it is THE ideal place to take the kids, we only wish it was closer to our house. We can’t wait to see you in August Folly Farm to see what else you have added. Ten out of ten family day out.

Find out more about Folly Farm here.

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