Top 5 posts of 2016


So 2016 shocked me somewhat as my little blog went from getting a few visitors to being read in over 150 countries and Facebook went from about 600 followers to a whopping 3,000 which still amazes me on a daily basis.

All of your comments and messages spurred me on and gave me the confidence to keep sharing my experiences of premature birth, twin parenting and motherhood in general and 2016 saw me publish 48 posts which I can’t quite believe.

When I started An Ordinary Mummy I never for a second thought I would still be writing eighteen months later or that I would now be starting to try and write a book. I never for a second thought that anyone would read what I wrote and I certainly never expected so many amazing women to find it interesting enough to follow it. I can never thank you all enough for the enjoyment, reassurance and solidarity I have found through writing this blog but thank you, truly thank you.

I look forward to seeing what 2017 brings but for now I thought I would roundup the posts which received the most views in 2016, a best of if you will 😉

Number 5. The 10 reasons being a twin mum rocks!


I am really glad this post is in the top five. I often talk openly about the struggles parenting multiples brings but there are also so many joys and unique things which only twin parents get to enjoy, this post sums those wonderful moments up. To be honest this is a post I could write again and again as the years go by because each new stage seems to reveal even more fantastic things about having twins.

Number 4. 7 things I wish I had done during NICU


I wrote this post because when I thought back to our time in NICU there were so many things I wish I had done which at the time just hadn’t come into my mind. I never thought I would want to look back at footprints or read about the small milestones the boys were meeting but as the months went by I was saddened that I didn’t have these things. I hope this post helps other preemie parents capture moments that at the time seem painful but in the future may bring comfort.

Number 3. To the new twin mum, it gets easier!


I wrote this post because I clearly remember thinking the days of babies who couldn’t sit up or play and instead just cried and moaned all day would never end. I remember thinking I would never be able to enjoy my babies and that I would feel wracked with guilt for not being able to cuddle them both or rock them to sleep forever and I remember thinking I was surely the only one who felt like they couldn’t cope with twins. When these things started to get easier I desperately wanted other new twin mums to know that it does get easier and that they aren’t the only ones who struggle.

Number 2. My sons are more than enough


I wrote this post as I was so tired of being asked if me and my husband would try for a girl, to me that implied my sons weren’t enough to make me content or happy and I hated the implication that a woman can only feel fulfilled as a mother if she had a daughter and vice versa that a man needs a son. I was amazed by the response this post got, it seemed to really hit a nerve with a lot of mothers of sons.

Number 1. The guilt of prematurity


It makes me so happy that The Guilt Of Prematurity is your 2016 favourite post. This was the first post I ever wrote about my experience of premature birth back in August 2015 and the response it received from amazing preemie mummies around the world took my breath away. It remains the post I am proudest of and seeing it in print in the Little Bliss magazine at the end of 2016 and knowing it is now sat on every neonatal unit in the UK will, for me, forever be one of the biggest achievements of my life.

Thank you all for an amazing year ladies and here’s to 2017 xx

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