Happy Christmas you bloody amazing mother!

you-bloody-amazing-motherParenting isn’t straight forward and it certainly isn’t a walk in the park, unless this particular walk involves multiple tantrums about uncomfortable wellington boots, not wanting to walk any more, the sun going in their eyes or not liking the selection of sticks on offer.

Your never prepared for what’s going to be thrown your way, quite literally with toddlers and you never know if you’re doing the right thing, whatever that may be.

You question yourself constantly, doubt your decisions and worry about anything and everything. You go from heart popping elation because they’ve done something super cute or simply smiled at you to feeling like a total failure when the whining finally gets too much and you lose it.

You worry about them, their health, their development, their social skills, their happiness, their futures and you feel an overwhelming responsibility to make everything and every experience in their lives as wonderful as possible, shielding them from the harsh realities of life for as long as you can.

You are their friend, their laughter, their eyes to the world but also their guide, their authority figure, their parent and the responsibility to help nurture and shape these little lives is huge.

You are the provider, the cook, the cleaner, the nurse, the taxi driver, the events planner, the party thrower, the fashion buyer, the argument sorter, the shoe lace tier, the bum wiper, the cuddle giver, the teller offer, the silly dancer, the memory maker and everything in between.

The task is monumental and feels never ending, it is stressful and testing and sometimes infuriating, but despite this we carry on because the indescribable love we have for these little crazy people who know just how to push our buttons, makes our hearts ache and makes us so proud we could burst.

Every moment isn’t glossy picture perfect, it isn’t happy families 24/7 and laughter around the Christmas tree, it’s more like “If you touch that tree one more time so help me God!”, but that’s normal. Feeling like it’s hard sometimes is normal. Questioning yourself and whether you can cope is normal. You are normal and everything you feel and struggle with as a mother is normal.

Everyone struggles from time to time and this Christmas I would bet my turkey dinner that every toddler will have a tantrum and every child will lose it over something ridiculous like their Christmas hat being the wrong colour. We are all in the same stress and love filled boat, paddling frantically through these first few years hoping we figure out our complex children and things get a bit more ‘movie’ style easy.

You are not the only one whispering FFS under your breath or crying in the pantry into some Jaffa Cakes (some of you may remember this post). All of these things and a million more are what being a mother is all about, no one told us this and nothing could have prepared us but this is it, this is motherhood. Your living it, surviving it and god damn rocking the hell out of it right now.

So this Christmas pat yourself on the back, don’t worry about how you’re doing because you’re doing ace, stick on a Christmas jumper, dance like a loon, kiss the kids, make them laugh, drink a massive glass of something yummy, snog your fella and have a truly wonderful Christmas because you deserve it, each and every one of you bloody amazing mothers.


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