Growing together. The changing face of marriage with kids

Yesterday for the first time in two and a half years I got to spend an entire 26 hours completely alone with my wonderful husband and it was magical.
I have got to spend 10 and a half years so far sharing my life with this man and in that time we have brought two houses, got married and had three beautiful children together. It feels like five minutes since we met in a pub in 2006 yet at the same time like we have been together for an eternity.

Like in every relationship things change over the years and you go from being smitten randy twenty somethings with not a care in the world to a man and woman who have built a life together, who have responsibilities and commitments together and who spend most their time running around after little moody people that you made.

As the years go bye and your lives change you learn that things like being helped out of the shower after a painful c-section or having your man offer to do the third feed of the night shows you how much he loves you way more than a bunch of expensive flowers ever could.

You stop being two people who only have each other to think about, spending your time shopping and going on nights out to a team who battle explosive nappies, toddler tantrums and sleepless nights together. Time alone is a thing of the past and a romantic evening is a bottle of wine and a takeaway in your pjs.

when you become parents and navigate that stage in your lives together words like respect and admire sit alongside love and lust in your view of each other and qualities like supporting each other and encouraging each other become just as important as making each other laugh and well you know what!

I am so lucky to get to experience the way a relationship grows and matures with this man, to build a life and family with him and to call him my husband and I look forward to whatever our future holds and to sharing all the ups and downs with him by my side.

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