Wow we raised £1,000 for Bliss, well done!

You may have seen quite a few posts from me on my Facebook page over the past couple of month’s about various events I have arranged in aid of Bliss, the UK charity supporting premature babies and their families. Whether premature birth has effected you or not and whether Bliss is a charity you actively support or not I would like to thank you all for sticking with me and helping raise money for what is to me, such an important cause.

We have together now raised a staggering £943.85 so thank you to everyone who has shared posts, donated, attended events or generally taken an interest in the events and the charity. It means the world to me that we have raised so much money to support preemies and their families through NICU and life afterwards.

Below are lots of pictures from both the soft play afternoon which raised £131.80, the night out dressed as superheroes me and my friends went on after the walk which raised £121.05 and the walk which took place at Trentham Gardens in Staffordshire which raised £691.00.

Soft play afternoon – Sunday October 23rd

This event would not have been possible without the amazing generosity of Happy Bunnies Soft Play Hire of Stoke on Trent. Happy Bunnies is a small start up business owned by the lovely Donna Peddie who donated all of the equipment and her time for the two hour soft play event which was free to attend. I was so impressed with the quality of Donna’s soft play equipment and the range of items available, I will definitely be hiring equipment from Donna in the future for the twins birthday party.

Another wonderful local small business owner who generously donated her time and skill was Carly Cartwright, owner of CC’s Face Painting. Carly painted every child, and some adult faces 🙂 completely free of charge and encouraged everyone to instead make a donation to Bliss. Carly also painted mine and my friends faces for our superhero evening and asked us to put the money into our Bliss pot instead of taking a payment. A truly amazing woman who I cannot thank enough.

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14656377_970731809724984_6971187537105065382_n 14695386_970735463057952_7536590496805731219_n

14708374_970732993058199_8671581671509346943_n 14695386_970734616391370_4345182540493093844_n

14572900_970733776391454_819261836125374872_n.jpg 14695338_970732036391628_1609252039108855406_n.jpg


Bliss Little Heroes Walk, Trentham Gardens – Saturday November 12th

Despite horrendous wet and cold weather we still had a pretty good turn out for our walk around the stunning Trentham Gardens lake dressed as superheroes. In fact I think the kids and especially the little boys amongst us probably enjoyed it more because there were so many puddles to jump in and wet sticks and leaves to collect.

It was wonderful meeting other preemie parents and people I have only had contact with before through An Ordinary Mummy. A big shout out has to go to the wonderful Julie Gould, a fellow preemie mummy who raised £180 in addition to the An Ordinary Mummy total of £943.85 and Rachel Quartermaine who raised a fab £45. This brings our group total to £1,168.85, AMAZING!

15085567_984166888381476_8612105625230569400_n (1).jpg15027482_984167051714793_6886021051177543426_n.jpg 14992020_984167058381459_528859969729163152_n.jpg

15037109_984167108381454_2750686952088972627_n.jpg 14991933_984167555048076_8917281926451809123_n.jpg

15027641_984167198381445_6449076503002336834_n.jpg 14963240_984167261714772_9157974862669623465_n.jpg

15032045_984166941714804_4626229438151465770_n.jpg 14925426_984167258381439_27936917572495256_n.jpg

Superheroes Night Out – Saturday November 12th

Thank you to my wonderful friend who spent the entire day with me dressed as BatWoman and then even came out in our local town in the evening dressed up, amazing friend 🙂










Thank you all so much for your support, I am so excited to send this money to Bliss so that they can put it to work supporting preemie families across the UK. If you would like to donate anything please visit the Just Giving page here.

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