6 Halloween craft ideas

We love getting crafty at Halloween and we’ve been stepping things up each year. These are some crafty makes we did last year to decorate our house for a halloween party for my eldest son and his friends. They were all really cheap to do but they looked really effective.

1. Halloween paper plate pumpkins

halloween-paper-plate-pumpkinsMummy and son paper plate pumpkins. Together we ripped up lots of little pieces of orange tissue paper which we stuck all over our paper plates. This is was great to encourage my then 3 year old to work on his sticking skills.

I drew around his hand and cut it out to add a green leaf flourish to our pumpkins and I cut out black shapes for the face which my son stuck on. He finished the pumpkins with some orange pom poms.

2. Halloween paper cup spiders

halloween paper cup spiders.jpg

Again these were easy to do but effective. We painted several up turned paper cups black and left them to dry over night. The following day my son decorated them with wobbly eyes and halloween coloured pom poms. I then helped him pierce the paper cups and thread through the halloween coloured pipe cleaners for the spiders legs. We counted the legs as we added them.

We made enough spiders so that each of his friends could have one to take home at the end of the party and we stuck them to an arch way in the kitchen so they formed a garland of spooky spiders.



3. Halloween frankenstien door decoration

Frankenstien door decoration.jpg

I covered the kitchen door using a large roll of brown parcel paper. I then used black card and white paper to cut out the hair, face and spider shapes and assembled it with the help of my little boy. This was so easy to make but it had such a strong impact on the decoration for the party. Once we had made one we couldn’t stop!

4. Halloween ghost door decoration


5. Halloween mummy door decoration


6. Halloween poster 

halloween poster.jpg

I opened the orange paint and let my little boy go to town on this massive halloween poster which was made of two long pieces of white paper roll. He was covered in orange paint and he used his hands, arms and feet to squelch it all over the paper.

He then chose some halloween images on the iPad and I drew them out on black card and cut them out and together we stuck them onto the poster. This was the centre piece above our halloween buffet table for the party.

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