An Ordinary Mummy’s Bliss Little Heroes walk

For those who follow the blog you know that I am passionate about sharing my experiences of premature birth and the effect it has on your life long after you leave NICU. To my surprise the posts I have written including ones about life with twins and general mummy life have created a community of women who have all had or know someone who’s had similar experiences. It is because of this amazing community of women that I wanted to try and raise money for Bliss, the charity working to support premature babies and their families across the UK.

I have therefore organised a fun Bliss Little Heroes Walk at Trentham Gardens in Staffordshire  on Saturday November 12th at 10.30am. The idea of the walk is to dress as superheroes to celebrate our little preemie superheroes and their achievements and to raise money and awareness for Bliss.

You can find out more about the walk by visiting the An Ordinary Mummy Bliss Little Heroes Facebook group and you can donate to support Bliss and the amazing work they do on the Just Giving page. 

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