The socks that made me realise my babies aren’t babies anymore.

socksI just popped out for my lunch to get some bits from the TU sale at Sainsbury’s and I got these super cute socks for the twins. The outfits that went with them were too cute so I rooted around for two sets in 18-24 and when I finally found them I pulled them out of the rack all excitedly only to have my heart sink.

My babies aren’t babies anymore.

The ‘cute’ factor of the outfits had well and truly gone by the time they had been super sized from the 3-6 month one hanging on the front of the rack to the massive 18-24 month version I now held in my hand and I knew straight away it would just look a bit silly on them.

I stood in the aisle surrounded by cute outfits, dream pods and dribble bibs and I could have cried, my boys are now too big and too grown up for the baby section.

As mothers we all know how quickly time passes by and we all know how much we want to scream when someone tells us to treasure every minute because they’re “not babies for long”, treasure what the sleepless nights and screaming fits! But it’s all so true.

I wished and I wished and I wished the twins first 14 months or so away because they were just such bloody hard work and their entire first 12 months is pretty much a blur if I am honest. But as I stood and longed for the ochre leggings and t-shirt set and as I stroked, like a weirdo, the dream pods I felt so unprepared for the reality of them being toddlers and not babies.

So I’ll say to the new mum’s I see in the street what countless women said to me “treasure every moment because they aren’t babies for long”. They will undoubtedly look at me like I looked at the women who said it to me, like ‘yeh whatever this is bloody hard work’ or ‘I’ve not heard that one before’. But I’m now part of the club, the club of mum’s who’ve seen their last babies grow into toddlers and now I get it, I totally 100% get it.

So bye bye baby section I won’t ever visit you again for my children, they’re all big and shouty and running around now so I’ll leave you for the new mum’s to enjoy. I guess I have to accept that and embrace that they really aren’t babies for long.

Still at least they can still wear the baby socks for a few more months yet.


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