As if An Ordinary Mummy is turning one!


A year ago today the twins were three and a half months actual, one and a half corrected, we had made it through NICU and our battle with twin ones RSV and I finally felt we were coming out the other side of what had been a year from hell. I was really getting into my groove as a mummy to three under three, I had just successfully potty trained my eldest, the sun was shining and I had another nine months of maternity leave to look forward to. We didn’t leave the house much, well hardly ever as it was just such a bloody effort and as for putting make up and half decent clothes on that just wasn’t going to happen so with the twins in the sleeping all day, slightly boring newborn phase and a toddler to entertain at home I threw myself head first into a tub of glitter and we got crafting.

I would spend most days doing activities with my eldest and playing in the garden interspersed every four hours with two bottle feeds and bum changes, it was the most magical time and despite being knackered from the 2-3 hours’ sleep I was getting per night on the sofa, I was in heaven. Fellow twin mums may kill me for saying this but I actually found the newborn stage pretty easy, tiring yes but easy. Of course little did I know last May that twins get seriously hard as soon as they leave the newborn stage and you literally have no time to wee let alone make egg box boats to sail in the paddling pool.

Having been through our high risk Monochronic Monoamniotic pregnancy the boy’s arrival at 31 weeks and their stay in NICU I had a fresh appreciation for life and a desire to live each day to the full. To me that didn’t mean doing something amazing or exciting everyday but simply cherishing the little things, making fun in the ordinary and doing what you want to do without fear or question, because life’s too short! It was this new zest for life and to be honest my slight boredom at times during those early months of self-imposed house arrest that I randomly decided to start An Ordinary Mummy.

To begin with the blog was simply craft ideas and activities that I thought may help other mum’s stuck indoors trying to entertain their toddlers, I had no expectations or aspirations for what I was doing, I just needed a hobby and something that was just for mummy. I toyed with the idea of sharing posts about my experiences of prematurity and high risk pregnancy from the start but the words never came out until one night in late August when I started to type and out poured ‘The guilt of prematurity‘. The comments and messaged I received after writing that post spurred me on to share more of my experiences because not only did I realise I wasn’t alone but other preemie mums were telling me they had realised the same thing. I was and remain so unbelievably proud of ‘The guilt of prematurity‘.

Over the months that followed I wrote about the struggles of mother hood with ‘It’s OK to say I struggle’ my frustrations with correcting my preemies age in ‘Actual age, corrected age, who knows what age’, the joys of night feeds in ‘When the night feeds don’t end’ and my annoyance at being asked if I’d like a daughter with ‘Three boys, so you’ll try for a girl?’. My posts have now been viewed over 51,000 times in 112 countries and they have been featured on Selfish Mother’s front page, Mumsnet Bloggers Network’s front page, The Mighty, as well as being shared by CBeebies, BLISS and many other prematurity charities and I really can’t believe it!

Of course I have come to accept that you can’t please everyone all of the time especially when you are talking about sensitive and emotive things and that’s OK because just like being a mother you can’t do it all, you can’t be everything to everyone and nor should you try to be. The blog has changed and developed over the past year but what hasn’t changed is my reasons for writing,  I write because I love it and An Ordinary Mummy remains a hobby and something just for mummy.

By sharing my inner most thoughts I’ve found a sort of sisterhood among the women who read my blog and that has been an amazingly comforting thing. So thank you to each and every one of you, whether you have followed the blog since the beginning, or just started to, whether you dip in and out, prefer the crafty bits or the deep bits, whether you comment or send messages or observe from a far, thank you so much for your support. I have no idea what An Ordinary Mummy will look like in another years time but I hope you continue to enjoy the journey with me.

Love an ordinary mummy

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2 thoughts on “As if An Ordinary Mummy is turning one!

  1. Happy 1st B’day to your blog 🙂 To have achieved so much with it when you are juggling twin babies and an older one is soooooo impressive. I love to read your blog because our twins are similar ages (though I have 2 girls). You must feel v proud of your family and your blog xx

    1. Thank you 😊 yes I’m really proud, I just do it for fun I’ve got no intentions of making money from it so I don’t have to bother with all he linkys and what not so I just dip in and out whenever I get chance. I find it quite relaxing and therapeutic writing so it’s my chill time in the evening every now and then when the kids are all in bed 😀 xxx

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