The 10 reasons being a twin mum rocks!

Those who have read my blog before will know that I have openly written about the challenges and stresses of motherhood, I think it’s important to share not only the good but the difficult side of being a mum too because for many that is the reality and one that we sometimes feel embarrassed to discuss. Being a mum is the most elating, all-consuming, wonderful and fulfilling job, experience, whatever you want to label it but it also pushes you at times to within an inch of your sanity.

Twin mums are no different and as much as we hate it when people say it to us the old adage ‘double trouble’ is at times true, every twin mum reading this will know just how stressful it can be when you have not one but two children kicking off in the middle of the supermarket or crying all night long for no apparent reason and you’ve only got one pair of hands to deal with the situation. Alongside the day to day hurdles two babies at once brings there is also the guilt you carry thinking you aren’t able to give your twins what singleton babies get, like cuddling them to sleep at nap time or carrying them around all day or simply having one to one time with them. No matter how stressful being a twin mummy can be at times it is also THE most amazing privilege and these are just some of the reasons why I think being a twin mum rocks!

  1. Double the love

Although ‘double trouble’ is at times an irritatingly true saying (although we would never admit that when the tenth person that day says it to us) you also get double the love. All of the amazing love and joy you feel when you look at your baby, when they smile at you, hold your hand, give you a cuddle or kiss twin mum’s get twice in one go and it feels amazing.

  1. The twin bond

The bond twins share is breath-taking, even from tiny babies we could see the bond between our identical twin boys and it has only become stronger as they have grown. Listening to them chatter ‘twinglish’ at one another clearly understanding and replying to what is being said is unreal. They seek each other out when with other children and are quiet when apart, they hold hands when sat in their high chairs and they cuddle up to each other in their cot at night. Most amazingly to me though is that when they make each other laugh it is a completely different intensity of laughter, it is like they have connected and only the two of them exist in the whole world, it is an honour to watch a twin bond develop in front of your eyes every day and I can tell already that to my twins they will be the most important thing in each other’s lives for a long time, maybe forever and their bond will be something that no one will ever understand unless they too are a twin.

  1. A ready made best friend

Twins have spent every second together since conception, they know each other inside out and they find each other hilarious. Of course like all human beings they can annoy each other (especially when one steals the other ones dummy or sneaks the last piece of chocolate off their high chair) but mostly they are absolute best friends. Living with your best friend means you always have someone to play with so unlike when I had my eldest and I had to play and entertain him constantly the twins are happiest in each other’s company, making each other laugh and discovering the world together through one another’s eyes. Being a twin means you will never be lonely, you will go to nursery and school with your best friend and you will always have someone by your side.

  1. Experiencing milestones twice

The first smile, the first laugh, the first wave, the first word, the first cuddle, the first ‘kisses’ the first crawl, the first steps, the joy of each and every milestones you experience with your baby is gifted to a twin mummy and daddy twice. We get to treasure double the memories and double the pride for all of these amazing moments.

  1. Double the fun

No matter how much hard work being a parent is it is also the most unbelievable fun, having twin’s means you get double the giggles, double the silly games, double the laughter and double the fun.

  1. Discovering your twins individual personalities

Especially in the case if identical twins it’s so easy when they are small to see them as one entity ‘the twins’ but as they grow and their personalities start to develop its amazing learning and discovering all of their differences. Our twins have lots of personality differences and although identical they are completely different people.

  1. Twins are fascinating

Before I had twins I thought like I imagine the majority of people do that you have two sorts identical or fraternal, I now know this couldn’t be further from the truth. Our twins themselves were our first encounter with just how broad the spectrum of ‘types’ of twins can be as they were a 1 in 65,000 type of twin called Monochronic Monoamniotic (MoMo or MCMA) meaning they shared a placenta and amniotic sac with no dividing membrane. It is truly fascinating how the human body can create twins, seemingly by complete fluke, grow them and then deliver them into this world. I am fascinated with how twins interact with one another and how their bond develops as they get older, I use the word again but it truly is a privilege to be a twin mummy.

  1. Watching twins personalities interchange

I had been told by people with older identical twins that their personalities often interchange and I have recently started to see this for myself in our 15 month old twins. Twin one used to be shy and would lean on twin two watching to see if he approved of situation or food before daring to try it for himself, now twin two leans more on twin one especially for comfort at bed time. Interchanging personalities is just one small example of how fascinating life with twins is.

  1. Cute outfits

Of course it is also super cute and exciting having twins to dress, whether you do identical outfits, colour coordinated or completely not matching, there’s no one out there who doesn’t love buying baby clothes and dressing their children in gorgeous outfits. Although it is naturally double the cost, boo, it is also double the fun.

  1. Other twin mum’s

In my experience when you become a twin mum you instantly join a sisterhood of strong women who all have each other’s backs, we all know how hard it can be and we all know what each other is going through and having other twin mum’s to lean on is an added bonus I never knew was coming before I gave birth. Whether on social network support groups, chat rooms, through organised clubs or in my case local twin mummies the support and unspoken understanding a fellow twin mum can provide is wonderful.



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  1. There is definitely a wonderful sisterhood of twin mummies, especially when the kids are young and you need all that extra support. Mich x

  2. thanks for sharing your experience with your twins… im also a twin mum (they are 7mos now) im excited and looking forward to the days that they will talk and play with each other ☺️

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