6 Mini Beast Craft Ideas

Here are six great craft ideas all about mini beasts. This is a really popular topic at nursery and pre school’s so mini beasts are great crafts to do at home to. These ideas are all tried and tested by me and my toddler and non of them are very difficult to do, we hope you enjoy making these crafts as much as we did.

Mini Beast craft ideas

1. Painted ladybird rocks

This is a really easy craft that can be used a door stop when finished. It also gives walks an extra purpose as they can become ‘rock hunts’. Click Here to read more.

painted rock ladybird

2. Egg Box Caterpillar

We loved making this oldie but goldie craft. We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar first and made a caterpillar and then butterfly. Click Here to read more.

Egg box caterpillar

3. Butterfly

Following on from our egg box caterpillar make we made the butterfly to complete our Very Hungry Caterpillar make. Click Here to read more.

butterfly craft ideas

4. Paper Plate Snail

This paper plate snail helped my toddler practice his cutting and sticking skills and also allowed him to use his own flare in covering the plate in different materials. Click Here to read more.

Snail craft ideas

5. Footprint Ladybird

This very simple ladybird craft was easy to do whilst allowing my toddler to get a bit messy and feel the paint on his feet, he loved it. Click Here to read more.


6. Bug Hotel

We had a great time finding bits and pieces to make our insect hotel, you can literally do what you like and hopefully the mini beasts will make it their new home. Click Here to read more.

insect hotel

We would love to see your mini beast crafts, why not share them with us on our Facebook page.

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