Minions birthday party invites

Like most children in 2015 my little boy is obsessed with Minions and so has been asking for a Minions birthday party for months. In an attempt to save money and try to make things a bit more personalised I decided to have a go at making my own Minions party invitations using a potato!


What I used to make the Minions party invites:

  • One baking potato
  • A pack of A5 cards and envelopes from Hobby Craft
  • Yellow, blue and black paint
  • Wiggle eyes
  • A black fine tip felt pen
  • An orange fine tip felt pen

To make the invite I cut the potato in half and carved the outline of a Minion using a pic on my phone as a guide. I sliced away all the potato from around the edge of the Minion making the Minion stick out from the potato by about 5cm. I then cut all of the potato that wasn’t part of the dungarees or glasses away leaving these parts raised about 2cm above the rest of the Minion.


Once I was happy with the potato Minion I painted it and stamped it onto the front of one of the A5 cards. Some areas didn’t make contact with the card as I had cut away too much potato so i simply painted these in. Once I was happy and the paint had dried I used a black fine tip felt pen to draw on the mouth and the badge on the dungarees. Finally I added the wiggle eyes and the word Bellow using the orange fine tip felt pen.



I don’t think they look to bad and my son loved them. They’re certainly a cheaper and more personal way of making party invites anyway and they were really easy to do.

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