Fathers Day banner with water pistol painting!

As part of our Fathers Day mammoth make we used the masking tape scribble technique to create a large banner and we stepped things up a notch by using water pistols to spray paint all over the poster.


Now I’d recommend doing this outside which was my plan but my baby monitor was broken and the boys were napping upstairs so we had to do it in the kitchen and paint got everywhere and I mean everywhere! My toddler wasn’t so good at aiming the water pistol so the kitchen cupboards got a real good coating of paint, luckily it all came off quite easily with a baby wipe.

What we used to make the poster: 

  • A large roll of white paper from Wilko
  • Masking tape
  • felt pens
  • A pack of water pistols from Pound Land
  • Paints

I masked out the letters on the paper and taped it to the kitchen floor then set my toddler loose with the box of felt pens. He needed a bit of encouragement to go wild as his thing at the minute seems to be tracing around things but once he got going he really enjoyed it. He’s also obsessed with green though so it was a challenge to get other colours in there.


Once we had covered most of the letters with felt pen we filled up the water pistols with various colours and started squirting 🙂


we stuck the poster up on Fathers Day above a table filled with the home made presents including a painted plant pot.


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