Footprint ladybird, ladybird rock painting, foam print farm yard

The What The Ladybird Heard activities included a footprint ladybird, ladybird stone painting and a foam print farm yard painting. ladybird craft ideas for toddlers

For the ladybird footprint we used:

  • Red and black paint
  • Wiggle eyes
  • A little foot 🙂

For the foam printing farm yard painting we used:

  • Farm yard foam prints from 99p from B&M Bargain
  • Paint
  • Coloured card

For the ladybird stone we used:

  • A large stone found on a walk
  • Paint
  • Wiggle eyes

farm yard foam prints

Making our ladybird crafts

To start off our What The Ladybird Heard crafts we decided to begin with the farm. I had found these brilliant foam prints in B&M for 99p so we simply had fun covering them in paint and creating a picture on coloured card. We quickly realised we could have done with some A3 card as our picture spread across two pieces of A4 that we later stuck together. My toddler had a great time painting the foam shapes and seeing the images appear on the picture once he had squashed them down.

We then made a footprint ladybird which is super simple but always good fun and my toddler loves having his foot painted as it tickles him.

We then made a stone ladybird using a large stone we had found on a walk earlier in the week, again a really simple activity that he just loved and the ladybird now has pride of place in his bedroom as a door stop. ladybird stone paintingpainting rocks activityrock painting for toddlerspainted rock ladybird

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