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I’ve designed this blog to be a place to share kids craft ideas, activities, days out and adventures as well as the day to day craziness that life with three young boys under three brings. I’m no expert on any of it and that includes being a mummy, I’m learning as I go and I’m simply inviting you to share in the wild ride with me.

Now if you’d have asked me a year ago if I would be doing anything like this the answer would most definitely have been NO! As a full time working mum to one little boy at the time, I was short on time, patience and imagination and more concerned with having everything in its place than having care free fun. I’m ashamed to say it but crafts seemed more like a lot of effort for a lot of mess than a way to spend fun quality time with my son. As for sharing my random thoughts and ramblings about motherhood and life in general I wouldn’t have dared, like many I was far too concerned with what people thought of me and the job I was doing in raising my son.

So what’s changed? In September last year we found out we were having twins, extremely rare high risk Monochronic Monoamniotic identical twins, to you and me that basically means hold onto your hat because the next five months of your life are going to be hell, and that they were. After living with the constant risk we could at any moment lose our boys we finally delivered them at 31 weeks 2 days gestation and after a 33 day stay in NICU our little miracles finally came home. There were bumps in the road and a frightening stay in intensive care for twin one but thankfully they are now happy and healthy, waking all night and screaming for feeds like all adorable babies do.

So still you may be wondering what’s changed…well me! Now don’t worry this isn’t some hippy dippy new me, every cloud bullshit, that isn’t my style but I have noticed life has given me one hell of a kick up the backside.

Like many of us probably do each day I’ve always talked the talk, ‘life’s too short’ but I’ve never walked the walk. We all know our kids grow up so fast and time flies but still seizing the moment in even a small way each day is easier said than done, especially when we all have that bloody food shop to do and the ironing baskets over flowing. But life has blessed me with three healthy and awesome little dudes and I am determined to chill out!

So bring on the glitter spilt all over the floor, the children covered in paint and glue, the ‘I need a poo’ just as you’ve painted your hands and feet oh and the tantrums because you’ve chosen to start an activity just as they’ve hit the tired demon phase of the day. I take it on, I relish it, because I am determined to live for today, I will make my children laugh, make mess and make memories and I figure why not go crazy and share it all in a blog whilst I’m at it. You never know someone might actually read it and if not it’s still a nice hobby for when the kids are in bed, either way it’s worth a try and after all life really is too short.

So there you have it, I really am An Ordinary Mummy, learning as I go, making mistakes, trying to seize the day and doing it all with a new found love of craft activities, who the hell saw that one coming, I certainly didn’t!

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